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Patch notes for 119.6 release

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Patch notes for Release 119.6
Released on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017

Features & Changes


  • Respawn cooldowns have been added to Nullsec Asteroid Cluster mining anomalies and Excavator drones have had their speed and yields reduced slightly. More details can be found in this forum thread.
  • Fighters have had their damage reduced. More details can be found in this forum thread.


  • The chance of obtaining a random escalation from certain high-level combat anomalies has been reduced somewhat.
  • The drop rate of pirate faction battleship blueprints has been reduced across several NPCs.


  • When the fleet boss quits, a fleet role will now be passed on to the highest-ranking member in the fleet that is at the top of the list in the UI, so people can make sure they fill those spots by people who are available:
  • Fleet boss role goes to the fleet's FC, if one is present.
    • If no FC, to the wing commander in the topmost wing.
    • If no WC's, to the squad commander in the topmost squad in the topmost wing.
    • If no SC's, to a member in the topmost squad in the topmost wing.
  • The Fleet window no longer closes automatically when you leave a fleet.
  • Heavily relaxed the squad and wing size restrictions to 256 members per squad, 25 squads per wing and 25 wings per fleet. Note: Fleets are still restricted to the same max size.
  • Added the ability to set a max size for a fleet.
  • A fleet can now be created with a saved setup.
  • The watchlist now shows ship icons.
  • Fleet members in Structures now show as docked in the fleet composition window.
  • Reduced the delay in the fleet composition window from 60 to 20 seconds.
  • Added shortcuts for broadcasting Warp/Align/Jump To.
  • The ship belonging to the member in your watchlist will show as highlighted if you mouse over the them, making it easier to find people on the field.
  • Double clicking a member in the watchlist no longer opens the show info window for the pilot.
  • Re-targeting an already locked watchlist member will now select them.
  • The creator of a fleet is now put in the FC position, instead of the SC position.


  • Client performance improvements
  • Redesigned ships:
    • Vexor
    • Ishtar
    • Sin


  • Added a volume column to the results given by a survey scanner.
  • Added a duration countdown to the tooltips of modules with very long durations (Siege, Doomsdays, Cynos).


  • A significant rewrite of the server code relating to corporation offices has been deployed. The only player-visible portion of this change should be that impounded corp offices will now retain their full division structure if the office is re-rented.

Missions & NPCs:

  • Started the Rogue Swarm Alert event.
  • The Blood Raider Shipyard now drops Armored Caches that can be opened for the blueprints.
  • The defenders of the Blood Raider Shipyard have been changed.

Science & Industry:

  • Improved the performance of scrolling through the blueprint list in the industry window.

Structures & Deployables:

  • Capacitor/Shield fully recharge upon docking/undocking from Structures, thanks to everyone who indicated a desire for this in our structure survey!
  • Structures now have a bio/description section where owners can list pertinent information about their structure. Thanks to this forum post and many others for suggesting this.
  • The deployment window for an Upwell structure is now displaying the reason why a location is not valid deployment location, for example because it is too close to another structure or celestial.
  • Structures can now be sorted by Service Module specific columns in the Structure Browser (e.g. Market Tax)
  • A new set of faction Standup Thukker Capital Component Rigs are now available. Existing Thukker Component Assembly Array BPCs have been converted into data chips that each contain one of the BPCs for the new rigs, and more data chips can also be gained from lowsec Besieged Covert Research Facilities and by reprocessing existing Thukker Component Assembly Array structures. More details can be found in this forum thread.
  • A new faction Standup Hyasyoda Research Lab service module is now available. Blueprints for this new module can be obtained from the Caldari Epic Arc mission chain as well as by reprocessing existing Hyasyoda Research Laboratory structures. More details can be found in this forum thread.
  • Remaining Sovereignty Blockade Units have been converted into two Territorial Control Units each
  • The remaining Orbital Ammunition (formerly used for Dust 514 bombardment support) have been phased out. The ammo itself has been converted into the closes appropriate faction ammunition and the blueprints have been converted into the closes appropriate tech one ammunition blueprints.

User Interface:

  • Added minimize option to Solar System map and Beta Map.
  • Desaturating background color of Planetary Interaction gauges to give better contrast
  • Systems in the Constellation show info window are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Added packaged volume information to the tooltip for the multibuy window.
  • Added the quantity of remaining ammo for the currently loaded type to the right click menu.
  • Added an option to the inventory window to allow sorting by estimated price (right click option in icon view, column sorting in other views).
  • Impounded Corp Offices will now retain their full division structure.

Color Blind Mode Beta:

  • Added a Color-Blind mode menu to the Esc menu > General tab.
  • The new color blind mode works by altering the hue, saturation and brightness of some sprite assets in the UI (but not 3D scene - yet) to try and improve contrast for people who experience color vision deficiency.
  • Deuteranopia, Tritanopia and Custom modes are included in the beta version.
  • Added a visualization of how the selected mode will replace colors.
  • Included a link to a survey to provide feedback on the color-blind mode beta.

Defect Fixes


  • Excess objects have been removed from the mission site 'Goading the Leader' to increase client performance.
  • An issue where the Blood Vigil site can get stuck in an uncompleted state has been fixed.
  • Reinforcement NPCs in Capital Escalation sites, Ghost sites, and Drifter sites now warp in rather than appearing out of nowhere.
  • An issue where server downtime can break in-progress missions has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the 365-day restriction would not be applied when remotely setting a Corporation Office as the Home Station.

Graphics & Audio:

  • Added explosions to the Cargo Rigs and Facilities.
  • Fixed an issue where doomsday modules on a Keepstar can clip through the corporation logo.
  • Fixed missing animations on the Astrahus.
  • Fixed collision geometry on dungeon asset.
  • Improved the graphical loading of faraway assets in space.
  • Visually adjusted the EVE Gate to work better with the new post-processing system.
  • Fixed an error where switching between the Market Data and Price History tabs in the Regional Market could cause the graph to break.
  • Addressed fog brightness issues stemming from the new post-processing system.
  • Adjusted the undock lights on the Raitaru Medium Engineering Complex.
  • Fixed display area for the overlay effect on the Lif.
  • Made some improvements to how the Rorqual looks when being attacked in siege mode.
  • Adjusted the glow map used on the rogue station model.
  • Adjusted the positions of exhaust fires on the Azbel Large Engineering Complex.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would move when changing ship SKINs.
  • Fixed an issue where the sound for fitting a module would not always be played.
  • Added atmospheric audio to several in-space assets.

Science & Industry:

  • The industry window is now properly using freshly trained skills.

Structures & Deployables:

  • Fixed an issue where the security office filter in the structure browser would return incorrect results.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Edit Profile Used by Structure" option would show up multiple times in the context menu.
  • Fixed an issue where the tether symbol would sometimes show up on the UI of a Structure Gunner.
  • Upwell Structure icons are now correctly colored when setting them as a destination.
  • The context menu for Saved Locations no longer shows the "Add/Remove from Overview" option when in an Upwell Structure.
  • Charges unloaded in a structure are now moved to the item hangar instead of the ships cargohold (To match the functionality in stations).
  • Dragging a Deployable into space when controlling a structure no longer displays a deployment failed message.
  • The "View Outside Structure" shortcut can no longer be triggered while in Character Recustomization.
  • The "Activate Modular Ship" popup will now show when activating a Tech 3 Cruiser in a structure.
  • The 'Clean Ship' button is no longer showing in the fitting window while controlling an Upwell structure.
  • Fixed a rare issue where a structure could disappear when attempting to drag it into space.


  • The Standup Warp Scrambler I should now prevent the activation of Micro Jump Drives.
  • The Gravitational Transportation Field Oscillator will no longer untether ships from a structure.


  • The NPC Mining Operation logistics ships should now be again consistently healing their allies.
  • The Drifters will now respawn properly if killed. This includes Artemis, Apollo, and Hikanta Tyrannos.


  • The Nidhoggur and Chimera bonuses to support fighters are now applying correctly.


  • Multiple 'Barracuda' NPC's with typos in their names have been fixed.
  • Fixed various spelling and grammar errors.


  • The cloud in the entry room of the final New Player Experience site has been removed to fix a graphical issue.
  • An issue with the text in the Gallente version of the 'Cash Flow for Capsuleers 2 of 10' mission has been fixed.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'Loot the Container' task in the Pirate Den could become stuck.
  • An issue where the NPCs didn't aggress in the mission 'Cash Flow for Capsuleers 9 of 10' has been fixed.
  • The Force Auxiliary NPCs in the tutorial now display the correct Overview and in-space icon.
  • Added a UI highlight to the 'Browse Career Agents' task.
  • Fixed an issue causing some show info windows in the tutorial to be blank.
  • Fixed issue causing Inception operation task "Loot the container" not to complete if looting smaller amounts at once with almost full cargo hold.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented completion of the "Activate New Ship" opportunity in the old Opportunities tutorial.

User Interface:

  • Fixed an issue where the Back and Forward buttons in the Auditing tab of the Corporation window would not display properly.
  • Fixed an issue where minimized stacked windows would not have a minimum width.
  • Fixed an issue where the Power bar in the Command Center window for Planetary Command Centers was not displaying the proper color.
  • An issue with the Overview brackets for Ghost site NPCs has been fixed.
  • Removed the 'Tutorial Window' shortcut from the Esc menu shortcuts tab, as there is no such window.
  • Missing icons from Ghost and Gas site entry messages have been re-added.
  • Fixed how the cargohold meter shows nearly full cargoholds so that it is more accurate.
  • Fixed the list of agents shown in the Career Advancement window to only show agents belonging to the character's empire.
  • Fixed issue that prevented windows from recovering normal opacity setting after a UI highlight disappeared from the screen if those windows were obscuring the UI element that was highlighted.
  • The character limit on chat channel MotDs now correctly take html tags into account.
  • Removed all options to make a ship active while controlling an Upwell Structure.
  • Re-added the Shield Recharge Time to the Defense section of the Fitting Window.
  • Contracts: Sorting "My Contracts" tab by "Info by Issuer" now correctly sorts all your contracts.
  • Added an "Approaching a point in space" message when using the Go-To-Point navigation option.
  • Fixed various miscolored attributes in show info windows.
  • Fixed an issue where the insurance details of a ship would not be displayed in the show info window if opened when in Outside View of a structure.
  • Fixed an issue where the fitting window would load in a broken state if opened immediately after switching ships.
  • Fixed an issue where windows that overlap with the Station services panel could move slightly upon first undock.
  • Fixed an issue where the fitting screen would not update drone damage when using industrial core.
  • Re-added Omega time remaining in the character sheet.


  • Rifter Justice SKIN can now be activated properly.

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